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Textile sector is one of the traditional industry branches of our country and it has achieved great success in terms of export. Textile and ready-made apparel sector in Turkey is the sector with the most foreign trade surplus as a whole. Additionally, the employment it generated has helped unemployment to decrease and contributed to the welfare of the society. Turkish Textile Sector holds a special place in the world with the quality of the products, its power to lead the fashion and trends and high technology. The sector, who ranks the first in our country, regarding its share in GNP and its usage of domestic input, forms the fundamentals of our existence in the global markets.

Fairs, which are the most important international marketing activities of textile sector, are the meeting trade point of the customers and products. Fairs have become the modern marketplaces of our time.

In order serve for the purpose of bringing many buyers and sellers together, 11th Istanbul International Thread Fair, which will be simultaneously held with  Texpo Eurasia 2014, 31st Textile, Weaving, Spinning, Finishing, Knitting, Hosiery Machines,  Related Industries and Chemicals Fair, has started to countdown for the big gathering in TUYAP, Istanbul on 26-29 March 2014.

The fairs which are organised with the participation of 1223 companies and company representatives, have hosted 39,256 professional visitors from 71 countries in 2013. Procurement committee organizations from 26 countries have been arranged for the fairs which have achieved the targeted high brand recognition as a result of the intensive marketing activities.

TUYAP has been informing the professionals in the target region and countries about the fair, through its head office as well as its 11 offices in Turkey, 7 offices abroad and representative offices operating in more than 30 countries. Through the advertisements and news stories in the printed and virtual media in Turkey and target countries and participations to the fair from Turkey and overseas, the sector is being informed about the fair. Texpo Eurasia and Istanbul Trade Fairs are aiming to make a tremendous impact in 2014 both in domestic and international arena.

11th Istanbul International Thread Fair, which will be simultaneously held with Texpo Eurasia 2014,  31st Textile, Weaving, Spinning, Finishing, Knitting, Hosiery Machines, Related Industries and Chemicals Fair with the support of Turkish Textile Machinery Industrialist' Association (TEMSAD), will be hosting the biggest gathering of the textile sector in 2014, at Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul between 26-29 March 2014.

You are invited to this huge gathering...

For further detailed information, you can visit www.texpoeurasia.com and www.istanbuliplikfuari.com